Configure ZK Pivottable JSP Tag

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Configure ZK Pivottable JSP Tag

Before using pivottable in your JSP pages, you would need to download a few library jars, and make some configuration changes to your project.



  1. Configure your JSP web application to use ZK Framework, ZK Pivottable, ZK JSP Tags Library
    • copy the binaries into WEB-INF/lib - OR -
    • copy the binaries into the shared library folder of your web server - OR -
    • copy the binaries into one of the folders pointed to by your web application's classpath
  2. Add DHtmlUpdateServlet and its mapping into web.xml as shown below
        <description>The asynchronous update engine for ZK</description>

Sample Application

Please goto github for the complete source code of the sample application.

To build the sample war file, please enter mvn war:war at project root.

Last update: 2013/07/1

Last Update : 2013/07/01

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