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Spreadsheet data model is the place where all Spreadsheet cell data stores. Spreadsheet is like a painter which paints its data model in grid-like layout for you. Every action you take on a Spreadsheet (e.g. insertion or deletion) involves a change to its data model. The following sections introduce those APIs to handle a Spreadsheet data model by corresponding user action.

For each cell/row/column operation, you need to get a Range object. The helper class Ranges supports various methods to create a Range object like:

		// a book
		// a sheet
		// a row
		Ranges.range(spreadsheet.getSelectedSheet(), "A1").toRowRange();
		// multiple cells
		Ranges.range(spreadsheet.getSelectedSheet(), "A1:B4");
		Ranges.range(spreadsheet.getSelectedSheet(), 0, 0, 3, 1);
		// a cell
		Ranges.range(spreadsheet.getSelectedSheet(),  3, 3);

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