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ZK Studio is an Eclipse plug-in to assist in the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using ZK Framework. With ZK Studio's aid, you are able to develop ZK-based applications easily and efficiently.

ZK Studio includes the tools shown and listed below:


  1. ZUL Editor: ZUL Editor is a document editor for writing *.zul files.
  2. zk.xml Editor: The editor assists you in editing ZK's configuration file (zk.xml).
  3. ZUL Palette: The palette provides a Drag & Drop component toolbox for using with ZUL files.
  4. ZK Storage: This view shows current ZK releases you have.
  5. Properties View of ZUL tag: The view displays a list of attributes and its value of currently selected tag in the ZUL Editor.
  6. Outline View of ZUL page: The view presents an outline of the content of the ZUL file you are currently editing.

In addition to the above GUI tools, ZK Studio also provides these features:

New ZK Wizard: There are two wizards; the first is New ZK Project Wizard, it is actually an Eclipse Dynamic Web Project adding support for ZK framework. The second is the New ZUL File Wizard which creates a new zul file.

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