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Checkout Source Code

Please refer to How to Run the ZTL Test Cases

Import an Existing Projects into Workspace

  1. In your eclipse IDE, click File>Import...>Existing Projects into Workspace
  2. Set the root directory to the directory named ztl where you checked out the code
  3. Open src/org/zkoss/ztl/util/, and click Run.
  4. Right-click on src/org/zkoss/ztl/util/, and click Run As>Run Configurations...
  5. On the right hand side panel of the dialog, click the tab Arguments and put the following arguments inside.
    -src test -dist codegen
  6. Click Apply and Run
  7. You can find all of the JUnit test cases are created under the codegen directory.
  8. Right-click upon the JUnit test case you want and then click run as JUnit Test

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