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forEachStatus – ForEachStatus

The status of an iteration. It is an instance of ForEachStatus. ZK exposes the information relative to the iteration taking place when evaluating the iterative element.

<listbox width="100px">
    <listitem label="${forEachStatus.index}: ${each}" forEach="Best, Better, Good"/>

Note: forEachStatus.index is absolute with respect to the underlying collection, array or other type. For example, if forEachBegin is 5, then the first value of forEachStatus.index will be 5.

To retrieve the information of the outer iterator if an iteration is nested, you could use ForEachStatus.getPrevious().

<listbox forEach="${matrix}">
    <listitem label="${forEachStatus.previous.each.label}: ${each}" forEach=${each.items}/> <!-- nested-->

ForEachStatus.getEach() has beenDeprecated Since 8.0.0 and removedSince 10.0.0, please use ForEachStatus.getCurrent() instead. For example, replace ${forEachStatus.previous.each.label} with ${forEachStatus.previous.current.label}.

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