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The Syntax of Taglib Document

The syntax of a Taglib document is the same as JSP's taglib (aka., TLD), so you could use JSP's TLD files directly. However, ZK only recognizes the function elements. All others are ignored.

Here is an example:

    boolean isBrowser(java.lang.String)
    Whether the current request is coming from the browser of the specified
        <function-signature>java.lang.String getLabel(java.lang.String)</function-signature>
        Returns the label of the specified key.


  • The root element must be called taglib
  • Each function declaration must be called function. It requires three sub-elements: name, function-class and function-signature. The description element is optional (for documentation only).

In addition, you could import all public static methods with an element called import, and the name of EL function will be the same as the method name. For example,


Configure Tag Documents as Built-in

The custom taglib document could be specified as follows (assuming you have a taglib called /WEB-INF/tld/foo.tld):

<?taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tld/foo.tld" prefix="f"?>

In addition, you could map a taglib to URL as if they are bult-in. First, provide a file named /metainfo/tld/config.xml that can be found in the classpath. For example, you could put it under WEB-INF/classes/metainfo/tld/config.xml, or as part of a JAR file. Then, in this file (config.xml), you could specify any number of the mapping as follows.

	<config-name>myTag</config-name> <!-- required since ZK 8 -->

Notice that <taglib-location> must be a path accessible by the classpath (such as /WEB-INF/classes or a JAR file).

Then, you can declare them in a zul:

<?taglib uri="" prefix="f"?>
<?taglib uri="" prefix="s"?>

Solving config.xml Dependence

The config-name Element



It specifies the configuration's name. The name must be unique if it is referenced by other configuration files (with the depends element).

The depends Element



It specifies what configurations this configuration depends on. If specified, this configuration will be parsed after all specified configurations are parsed.



which means this configuration won't be parsed until /metainfo/tld/config.xml in zk is parsed.

Version History

Last Update : 2022/01/19

Version Date Content
8.0.0 September 16, 2015 ZK Custom Taglib should support the depends attribute to load them in order

Last Update : 2022/01/19

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