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Since 3.0.0


There are 4 themes supported:

  • iceblue (default)
  • breeze
  • dark
  • wcag

If no configuration specified, ZK Calendar renders in the default theme.

Look and Feel

Zk calendar3 themes.png

Follow ZK Theme by Default

By default, Calendars will automatically switch to a theme according to what you specified in the property org.zkoss.theme.preferred.

Here is the built-in rule:

ZK Theme you specified
Calendar Theme
breeze, silvertail, sapphire breeze
iceblue iceblue
wcag wcag
any dark themes including ruby, amber, emerald, aquamarine, montana, violet and spaceblack, cardinal, mysteriousgreen, zen dark
any other themes not included above iceblue

How to Switch Themes

Specify one of the following theme names above in zk.xml with the library property below:


This component doesn't support switching themes dynamically. You need to modify zk.xml and restart a server to switch a theme.

The example project is at Github

Last Update : 2022/01/17

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