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  22. ZK Essentials
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  24. ZK_Studio_Essentials
  25. Small_Talks/2013/April/New_Features_of_ZATS_Mimic_1.1.0
  26. Small_Talks/2013/June/ZK Binding Tracker - A Chrome Extension
  27. ZK_Spreadsheet_Essentials (since 3.0.0)
  29. Small_Talks/2015/March/Testing_ZK-based_Application_with_QF_Test
  30. Small_Talks/2016/May/Integrating_ZK_with_Angular

Technical Writing

My Practice of Writing Documents

Preparation :

  1. list assumptions for readers. To know which knowledge base which you build on and to decide which content the document should have.
  2. write outline first.
    to be reviewed and discuss in bird's eye view
    check order of topic should have logical dependency
  3. Pre-write quickly first.
  4. need a technical proofreader to check technical concept
  5. need an editor to check grammar and style.
  6. Arrange topics with logic dependent orders, but leave some clues for those readers who skim a document
    1. Title
    2. Bold text
    3. Pictures
    4. Code highlight


  1. Topic sentence first, then supporting sentences
  2. Describe the purpose or context at the beginning.
  3. To start from a basic, simple concept or fewer concepts.
  4. 1 paragraph presents 1 idea.
  5. overall concept first, an example, then technical detail
  6. keep consistent style in code or describing way in multiple related articles
  7. keep consistent wording or terminology.
  8. Summary at the end. (for small talk)
  9. Choose Active, Precise Verbs
  10. Check header, footer, TOC, subsections, references
  11. Picture is better than words.
    1. Picture should be elegant.
    2. Picture should present just exactly enough information.
    3. Set align to center.
    4. Shrink size if a picture's width is wider than page width.
  12. Code example:
    1. Re-using same application as an example. It can reduce user's burden to realize your article.
    2. Focus on a general case not a specific one.
    3. Keep as short as possible. Just extract the key part
    4. Demonstrate only key concepts and remove irrelevant codes.
    5. Demonstrate the correct API usage instead of work-around
    6. Keep number of codes as fewer as possible to reduce readers' burden.
    7. Highlight key points in descriptions of code example. (Because most engineers read code first instead of text)
    8. give short description for a code snippet for its purpose
    9. leave related variables declaration
    10. Line number first, then description because it's easier to look up descriptions upon lines, e.g. Line 13: this line's description
  13. In Wiki page style, words before TOC is like preface. The "overview" should belong to one part of content and should be made as a header.
  14. When using third party library, specify its version
  15. Store example codes in a version control repository. They can be changed or verified in the future.
  16. use an editor with a spell checker
  17. Write directly on wiki page instead of writing in a word processor.

Learning Resource

English Writing:

Technical Writing:


  • no offline editor
  • no version control
  • verbose syntax
  • pdf edition cuts code

potential tool:

ZK Documentation Format


User:Hawk/Simple ZK deprecated

User:Hawk/ZK Brief Intro and Simple Architecture