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Since 9.5.0

  • Available for ZK:
  • ee.png

Label a Component

To name a component with ARIA attribute by adding the aria-label client attribute to the component, please refer to ZK_Developer's_Reference/Accessibility#Specify_ARIA_Attributes

Keyboard Support

Horizontal root level: ArrowLeft / ArrowRight
Vertical root level: ArrowUp / ArrowDown
All Menupopup: ArrowUp / ArrowDown
Navigate menu items
Horizontal root level: ArrowDown
Vertical root level : ArrowRight
Open the menu popup
All Menupopup: ArrowLeft / ArrowRight Open / close the menu popup
Enter Activate the menu item / Open the menu popup
Spacebar Activate the menu item / Open the menu popup
Toggle the checkbox without closing the menupopup (only apply to autocheck enabled)
Escape Close all existing menu popups even if you open multiple ones


Autodrop This feature only supports mouse.