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An edit box for holding big decimal value .


ZKComRef Decimalbox Examples.PNG

 <decimalbox value="155"/>



You are able to format the field by providing specifying the attribute with a formatting string. The default value is null.

<decimalbox format="#,##0.##"/>

Since 8.5.2 You can provide a locale to format the number by specifying a value starting with "locale:", e.g. Indian numbering system:

<decimalbox format="locale:en-In"/>



You could specify what value to accept for input controls by the use of the constraint property. It could be a combination of no positive, no negative, no zero, no empty.

To specify two or more constraints, use comma to separate them as follows.

<decimalbox constraint="no negative,no empty"/>

If you prefer to display different message to the default one, you can append the error message to the constraint with a colon.

<decimalbox constraint="no negative: it shall not be negative"/>


  • The error message, if specified, must be the last element and start with colon.
  • To support multiple languages, you could use the 「l」 function as depicted in the Internationalization chapter.
<decimalbox constraint="no negative: ${c:l('err.num.negative')}"/>

Inherited Functions

Please refer to NumberInputElement for inherited functions.

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