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Icon info.png Note: The content of this page has been deprecated/removed in the latest version.

Removed Since 10.0.0


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  • Java API: Applet
  • JavaScript API: Applet
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A generic applet component.

If the properties are not enough, you can use the Client-Attribute namespace to specify them.

<applet  xmlns:ca="client/attribute"

Archive and Codebase

Since 5.0.3, both archive and codebase properties are encoded with the application's context path and URL rewriting, so you don't and should not have to encode it again.


ZKComRef Applet Examples.PNG

    <applet codebase="img/" code="ticker.class" msg="ZK is Simple and Rich!" width="580px" />

Supported Events

Event Type
None None

Supported Children


Use Cases

Version Description Example Location

Version History

Last Update : 2024/03/06

Version Date Content
5.0.3 June 2010 The archive, myscript, align, hspace, and vspace properties are supported

Last Update : 2024/03/06

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