Setting Up ZK Spring using Maven

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Setting Up ZK Spring using Maven

Create a New Project with ZK Archetype

The simplest way to create a ZK maven project is using the archetype: zk-ee-eval-archetype-webapp-spring. A project generated by this archetype will include required ZK and spring dependencies and ZK maven evaluation repository.

If you use maven in a command line console, you need to specify ZK archetype catalog URL to generate your project. Please refer to Create a Maven Project with a Command Line Interface.

If you use eclipse, you can add the catalog URL via Window / Preferences / Maven / Archetypes, please refer to ZK Installation Guide/Quick Start/Create and Run Your First ZK Application with Eclipse and Maven#Add ZK Maven Archetype

Adding ZK Spring Dependencies

After creating a project, you still need to add ZK Spring dependencies. ZK Spring has 2 artifacts, you can add them to your requirement.

For ZK 5, you can use 3.0 or above.

For ZK 6+ 3.2

For ZK 8+ or above, you should use 4.0.0 or above.

Required for both modules


ZK Spring Core


Check the available versions at CE repository.

ZK Spring Security


Check the available versions at CE repository

ZK Spring Webflow

discontinued since 4.0.0

ZKSpring 6

Notice that this version depends on Spring Framework 6.0 and requires Jakarta EE.

Configuration in web.xml

You need to declare Spring ContextLoaderListener in the web.xml file to be able to declare and register your Spring beans with Spring framework.


Example Project

Version History

Version Date Content
3.1.1 2014/10/07 rewrite for supported Spring version
4.0.0 2019/01 update for 4.0.0

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