Class Layout

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.box.Layout
Direct Known Subclasses:
Hlayout, Scrollview, Vlayout

public class Layout
extends Widget

A skeleton of Vlayout and Hlayout.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class zk.Widget
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Fields inherited from class zk.Object
$class, $oid
Method Summary
protected  String encloseChildHTML_(Widget child, Array out)
          Enclose child with HTML tag such as DIV, and return a HTML code or add HTML fragments in out array.
 String getSpacing()
          Returns the spacing between adjacent children, or null if the default spacing is used.
protected  boolean isVertical_()
          Returns whether the layout is vertical
 void setSpacing(String spacing)
          Sets the spacing between adjacent children.
 void syncSize()
          Synchronizes the size immediately.
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Method Detail


public String getSpacing()
Returns the spacing between adjacent children, or null if the default spacing is used.

Default: 0.3em (means to use the default spacing).



public void setSpacing(String spacing)
Sets the spacing between adjacent children.

spacing - the spacing (such as "0", "5px", "3pt" or "1em"), or null to use the default spacing. If the spacing is set to "auto", the DOM style is left intact, so the spacing can be customized from CSS.
See Also:


public void syncSize()
Synchronizes the size immediately. This method is called automatically if the widget is created at the server (i.e., Widget.inServer is true). You have to invoke this method only if you create this widget at client and add or remove children from this widget.



protected String encloseChildHTML_(Widget child,
                                   Array out)
Enclose child with HTML tag such as DIV, and return a HTML code or add HTML fragments in out array.

child - the child which will be enclosed
out - an array of HTML fragments.


protected boolean isVertical_()
Returns whether the layout is vertical


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