Package org.zkoss.lang

The most fundamental Java utilities relevant.


Interface Summary
ClassResolver A resolver that can resolve the class of the given name.
Expectable A special interface to denote an exception is expectable -- it means the exception is not caused by programming error.

Class Summary
Classes Utilities to handle java.lang.Class
Classes.MethodInfo The method info class used for Classes.parseMethod(String signature).
Comparables Utilities regarding Comparable type objects.
Exceptions Utilities for Exceptions.
Generics Utilities to handle generic types, such as converting a non-type object to a generic type without warning.
ImportedClassResolver The class resolve that allows to import classes and packages, like Java's import statement does.
Integers Integer utilities.
JVMs Utilities of Java Virtual Machine.
Library Represent the scope of ZK libraries.
Longs Long relevant utilities.
MutableInteger Represents an integer that can be modified.
Objects Utilities related to the Object class.
Primitives Utilities regarding primitive type and its wrapper class.
SimpleClassResolver A simple resolver that depends on Classes.forNameByThread(java.lang.String).
Strings String utilities and constants
Strings.Result The result of Strings.substring(java.lang.String, int, char).
SystemException.Aide Utilities.
Threads Thread relevant utilities.

Exception Summary
CommonException The most fundamental non-runtime exception of Potix classes.
OperationException The expectable system exception denoting user's operation errors.
PotentialDeadLockException Denote a potential dead lock might occur.
SystemException Indicates a system exception.

Package org.zkoss.lang Description

The most fundamental Java utilities relevant.

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