Interface MessageConst

All Known Subinterfaces:
MCommon, Messageable, MWeb, MZk, MZul
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActivationTimeoutException, ArithmeticWrongValueException, CommonException, ComponentNotFoundException, DefinitionNotFoundException, DesktopUnavailableException, DeviceNotFoundException, DspException, IllegalSyntaxException, InterpreterNotFoundException, Messages, OperationException, OperationException, ParseException, PotentialDeadLockException, PropertyNotFoundException, RequestOutOfSequenceException, SuspendNotAllowedException, SystemException, UiException, WrongValueException, WrongValuesException, XelException

public interface MessageConst

Defines the constants of message codes.

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Nested Class Summary
static class MessageConst.Aide
          Used to handle the mapping of a message code to a filename.
static class MessageConst.BundleInfo
          The info of each message bundle.
Field Summary
static int NULL_CODE
          Denotes a non-existent code.

Field Detail


static final int NULL_CODE
Denotes a non-existent code.

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