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Uses of Theme in org.zkoss.web.theme

Subclasses of Theme in org.zkoss.web.theme
 class StandardTheme
          A standard implementation of Theme.

Methods in org.zkoss.web.theme that return Theme
 Theme ThemeRegistry.getTheme(java.lang.String themeName)
          Returns the theme identified by themeName
 Theme[] ThemeRegistry.getThemes()

Methods in org.zkoss.web.theme with parameters of type Theme
 boolean ThemeRegistry.deregister(Theme theme)
          Remove a theme from web application's use
 boolean ThemeRegistry.register(Theme theme)
          Register a theme, i.e. making the theme known to the web application Note: how to deal with duplicate registration is entirely up to the specific implementation of ThemeRegistry.

Uses of Theme in org.zkoss.zkmax.theme

Methods in org.zkoss.zkmax.theme that return Theme
 Theme ResponsiveThemeRegistry.getTheme(java.lang.String themeName)
          Returns the registered device-specific theme; null if not found in registry
 Theme[] ResponsiveThemeRegistry.getThemes()
          Returns the available themes, responsive to the users' device

Methods in org.zkoss.zkmax.theme with parameters of type Theme
 boolean ResponsiveThemeRegistry.deregister(Theme theme)
          Removes a desktop or a tablet theme from registry Tablet themes must be identified with the "tablet:" prefix.
 boolean ResponsiveThemeRegistry.register(Theme theme)
          Registers a desktop or a tablet theme Tablet themes must be identified with the "tablet:" prefix.

Uses of Theme in org.zkoss.zul.theme

Methods in org.zkoss.zul.theme that return Theme
 Theme DesktopThemeRegistry.getTheme(java.lang.String themeName)
          Returns the desktop theme with the given name
 Theme[] DesktopThemeRegistry.getThemes()
          Returns a list of currently registered desktop themes

Methods in org.zkoss.zul.theme with parameters of type Theme
 boolean DesktopThemeRegistry.deregister(Theme theme)
          Remove a theme from the list of available desktop themes
 boolean DesktopThemeRegistry.register(Theme theme)
          Register a desktop theme.

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