Package org.zkoss.zkex.zul

Zul Extension library.


Interface Summary
JasperreportExporterFactory The factory for Jasper Reports.
ListModelSharer<T> This interface is created for sharing model to different desktop's component.

Class Summary
Colorbox A Colorbox used to retrieve an input that the user can select a color.
Columnchildren The column of Columnlayout.
Columnlayout A columnlayout lays out a container which can have multiple columns, and each column may contain one or more component.
Fisheye A fisheye item.
Fisheyebar A fisheye bar is a bar of Fisheye that is a menu similar to the fish eye menu on the Mac OS.
Jasperreport The JasperReport component.
SimpleListModelSharer<T> SimpleListModelSharer is a simple implementation of ListModelSharer
Available in ZK PE and ZK EE.

Package org.zkoss.zkex.zul Description

Zul Extension library.

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