Uses of Interface

Packages that use TreeModel
org.zkoss.zul ZUL component set that are used for HTML-based clients. 
org.zkoss.zul.event Events of ZUL Component Set. 

Uses of TreeModel in org.zkoss.zul

Classes in org.zkoss.zul that implement TreeModel
 class AbstractTreeModel<E>
          A skeletal implementation for TreeModel.
 class DefaultTreeModel<E>
          A simple tree data model that uses TreeNode to represent a tree.

Methods in org.zkoss.zul that return TreeModel
<T> TreeModel<T>
          Returns the list model associated with this tree, or null if this tree is not associated with any tree data model.

Methods in org.zkoss.zul with parameters of type TreeModel
 void Tree.setModel(TreeModel<?> model)
          Sets the tree model associated with this tree.

Uses of TreeModel in org.zkoss.zul.event

Methods in org.zkoss.zul.event that return TreeModel
 TreeModel TreeDataEvent.getModel()
          Returns the tree model that fires this event.

Constructors in org.zkoss.zul.event with parameters of type TreeModel
TreeDataEvent(TreeModel model, int type, int[] nodePath, int indexFrom, int indexTo)

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