Class _global_

  extended by _global_._global_

public class _global_
extends java.lang.Object

It is not really a class but a collection of global functions and variables.


Method Summary
 void onIframeURLChange(String uuid, String url)
          Callback when the URL/bookmark of an iframe has been changed.
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Method Detail


public void onIframeURLChange(String uuid,
                              String url)
Callback when the URL/bookmark of an iframe has been changed. This method is used to allow ZK to work with other technology. For example, if the iframe's content is not ZK, it can invoke the parent window's onIframeURLChange to notify ZK, if exist, as follows.

if (parent.onIframeURLChange)
        parent.onIframeURLChange(myid, myurl);

On the other hand, if the container is generated by other technology and you want to know if the URL of the ZK page inside an iframe is changed, you can implement this global function. Refer to ZK Component Reference for more information.

uuid - the component UUID
url - the new URL

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