Interface IHtml

    • Field Detail

      • DEFAULT

        static final IHtml DEFAULT
        Constant for default attributes of this immutable component.
    • Method Detail

      • getWidgetClass

        default java.lang.String getWidgetClass()
        Returns the client widget class.

        Default: "zul.wgt.Html"

        Specified by:
        getWidgetClass in interface IComponent<IHtml>
      • getContent

        default java.lang.String getContent()
        Returns the embedded content (i.e., HTML tags).
      • withContent

        IHtml withContent​(java.lang.String content)
        Returns a copy of this immutable component with the specified content.

        Sets the embedded content (i.e., HTML tags).

        Security Note

        Unlike other methods, the content assigned to this method is generated directly to the browser without escaping. Thus, it is better not to have something input by the user to avoid any XSS attach.

        content - The HTML content.

        Default: "".

        A modified copy of the this object
      • of

        static IHtml of​(java.lang.String content)
        Returns the instance with the given content.
        content - The HTML content
      • ofId

        static IHtml ofId​(java.lang.String id)
        Returns the instance with the given id.
        id - The id to identify this component