Package org.zkoss.xel

Interface VariableResolverX

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      • resolveVariable

        java.lang.Object resolveVariable​(XelContext ctx,
                                         java.lang.Object base,
                                         java.lang.Object name)
                                  throws XelException
        Resolves the the given variable on the given base object.

        It resolves not only top-level variables but also properties. For example, when resolving foo.duke, resolveVariable(ctx, null, "foo") is called first. And if it returns an non-null object, resolveVariable(ctx, foo, "duke"),/code> is called then (where we assume the returned object in the previous call is foo).

        ctx - the context of this evaluation
        base - the base object whose property value is to be returned, or null to resolve a top-level variable.
        name - the name of the variable (or property) to resolve