Interface Visualizer

  • public interface Visualizer
    A part of Execution for visualizing the components whose visual parts are modified. There is one-to-one relationship between the visualizer and the execution.

    Its implementation highly depends on UiEngine.

    • Method Detail

      • getExecution

        Execution getExecution()
        Returns the execution that this visualizer is associated with.
      • getOwner

        Component getOwner()
        Returns the owner component for this execution, or null if this execution is not owned by any component.

        The include component is a typical owner.

      • isEverAsyncUpdate

        boolean isEverAsyncUpdate()
        Whether the execution associated with this visualizer is caused by an async-update.

        Note: There might be a chain of executions. Execution.isAsyncUpdate(org.zkoss.zk.ui.Page) returns whether a page is in async-update in the execution being called, On the other hand, this method returns whether this first execution (of the whole chain) is caused by async-update.

      • addToFirstAsyncUpdate

        boolean addToFirstAsyncUpdate​(java.util.List<AuResponse> responses)
        Adds the responses to the first Visualizer if it is caused by async-update.
        true if responses are added; false if the first Visualizer is NOT caused by async responses.
      • disable

        void disable()
        Disables this visualizer. Once disabled, any update of components won't be synchronized to the client. In other words, it ignores any updates to components.

        Currently, it is called only when removing a desktop. You rarely need to call this method.

      • enable

        void enable()
        Enables this visualizer. Once enabled, any update of components will be synchronized to the client.