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Gbowerman1.gif IBM developerWorks


Guy Bowerman, IBM's senior software engineer.

Offers a series of tutorial including how to use ZK with IBM's Informix Dynamic Server.

Niu.png BEA dev2dev

I II /

Niu Xiu Yuan, Technical Consultant of BEA.

Illustrates how to integrate ZK with Spring and how to develop ZK applications with BEA Workshop.(Chinese)

Kayal.gif BEA dev2dev Dhrubojyoti Kayal, Senior Consultant with Capgemini Consulting.

Provides a step-by-step tutorial of getting started with ZK for creating a dynamic web project using BEA Workshop.

Cameron smith.gif The ServerSide.COM Cameron Smith, Director of Projects at Database, Lda.

Explains why ZK aids in applying an "Agile" development methodology.

Danieal seiler.gif Javamagazin ZK @ Ajax in Action

ZK @ Jazoon'09/

Daniel Seiler, Founder of EBPM AG.

Compares Struts, JSF and ZK on the cover of Javamagazin in German. Presentation file for event "Ajax in Action" and conference "Jazoon'09".

Stephan.png Stephan's blog Stephan Gerth, an active ZK contributor in Germany

Shares some experiences about ZK, offers a series of tutorial in the blog.

SimonMassey.jpg Simon's presentation file

IBM developerWorks

Simon Massey, an active ZK contributor in UK

Shared "Presentation Patterns In ZK, MVVM" slides presented at the ZK UK User group conference. Published an article about "Implementing event-driven GUI patterns using the ZK Java AJAX framework" on IBM developerWorks.

EdwinYu.jpg Edwin's presentation file Edwin Yu, Senior engineer at Navis Framework

Shared "ZK Framework in Navis TOS" slides presented at the ZK US User group conference.

Sekulla.png Dr.Dobb's Andrzej Sekula, a systems developer in Oslo.

A tutorial on how to use ZK, such as defining the forms and beautifying the page.

Ayman.PNG NetBeans plugin Ayman Elgharabawy, a J2EE architect.

offers a NetBeans plug-in for ZK.

P-jwalter.jpg IBM developerWorks Walter M. Jenny, Business Solution Architect at IBM

Published an article about "A new twist to the MVC pattern" on IBM developerWorks. The sample application comes with an UI based on ZK.

Mgurmendez.jpg IBM developerWorks Maximo Gurmendez, Software Engineer, Freelance Consultant

Provides a tutorial on how to generate Ajax J2EE Web applications with jpa2web

Johnbimson.png Perficient’s Portal Solution blog johnbimson, an architect in Perficient

Shares some experiences about learning ZK, portal development in the blog

Konstantin.jpeg Konstantin Lukin's blog Konstantin Lukin, Sr. Java/Web/GWT Engineer

Shares experiences about web development in his blog. Here's an article "Is Direct RIA the next Big Thing in Web development?"

Andre.png Andre on ITWeb

I II /

Andre Van Der Schyff

Published two articles on ITWeb:"Choosing a WEB Framework" & "From ZK to Wicket"

Mathieu.png Mathieu Civel's blog Mathieu Civel, Intern at EDF R&D

Shares experiences about OSGi in the blog. Here's an article introducing us the integration between ZK and OSGi.

PawełKaczor.jpg Blog of Paweł Paweł Kaczor, Poland

Published a series of blogs about ZK in Polish.

Michael Popov.jpg Michael's Blog Michael Popov, Russia

Translated ZK's getting started tutorial "Learn ZK in 10 Minutes" to Russian.

Logo.png Rahul Amaram's Blog Rahul Amaram

Shares an article in the blog guiding us how to install ZK spreadsheet on Debian Lenny.

DevenPhillips.JPG Deven Phillips's blog Deven Phillips, Senior Systems Administrator

Shares an article about how to developing Liferay Portlets With ZK in the blog

Logo java.png Srinivas Jaini on JDJ Srinivas Jaini, a software architect with extensive experience in developing enterprise applications.

Illustrated how an MVC based Web application can be developed using ZK and Spring.

Sun.png Sun Tech Days Sun Tech Days, a worldwide developer conference to share technology expertise.

Presentation file in conference.

Ajaxworld.jpg AjaxWorld The World's Leading Resource on Rich Internet Applications

An article in AjaxWorld:"How to Choose an RIA Solution"

Jaxenter logo.png JAXenter JAXenter Magazine, providing latest news, videos and events on Java, Enterprise Architectures and SOA.

A month's article "Introducing ZK" on the JavaTech Journal, powered by JAXenter.

Grails.PNG GRAILS Flyisland, Engineer of BEA.

Offers a ZK plug-in to combine the best of ZK and Grails.

Richability.png, a space for discussing Rich Client technologies and RIAs (Rich Internet Applications).

Provides a Web shop demo based on ZK.

Flex ria.png FLEX RIA Flex RIA, a popular blog owned by Charles for sharing topics about RIA technologies.

Gives unique view in the article: "Java + MXML + AJAX = ZK, Sun Should have Done This"

Toolinux.png Toolinux Toolinux, the first French daily newspaper publishing general news about Linux, open source software and interoperability

Gave an overview on ZK. (French)

Momo mon.png presentation file Mobile Monday, a global community of mobile industry professionals.

ZK's presentation file and interview video.

Marcos.gif Blog of Urubantan Marcos de Sousa, Bank BCI Fomento.

Offers a review of ZK in Portuguese.

Dosideas .png DosIdeas DosIdeas, a Spanish website for sharing topics about technologies and development news.

Gave an overview on ZK in Spanish.

Devcom bw.gif Michael Klaene is a Senior Consultant with Sogeti LLC.

Explains the use of ZK by creating a student enrollment system.

Apache bw2.gif Apache OFBiz Cameron Smith, Database, Lda.

Offers a tutorial about how to integrate ZK with OFBiz (Apache Open For Business Project).

Kemo.png Kemo's Diary


Kemo, from Japan.

Shares more than 20 articles including ZK+Ext JS, ZK+Seasar+Ruby, ZK+CSS... in his blog.(Japanses)

Max bw.gif Max Kiesler's designDemo Max Kiesler, Principal of, also an award-winning strategic designer.

Provides a video tutorial introducing ZK.

Edgar bw2.gif Edgar Silva, a highly recognized technical consultant and a speaker in Brazil.

Allows users to create ZK Web projects in NetBeans.

YAIW bw.gif YAIWS Julio Adrian Perez Gallardo, a student of ESCOM, Mexico.

Offers a tutorial in Spanish.

Jeje3.gif Jérôme Vergereau, an engineering student of Supinfo, France.

Offers a five-star tutorial in French.

Ithome.gif iThome One of the largest Chinese on-line newspapers.

Introduces ZK Spreadsheet component.(Chinese)

Wangfeifei bw.gif ZK Diary on Baidu Wang Fei Fei, a student of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China.

Shares his diary of learning ZK with samples.(Chinese)

Mycom bw2.gif MyCom MyCom, a subsidiary of Mainichi Newspapers, Japan.

Introduces ZK by developing a FormMail application.(Japanese)

User.jpg Shuidingdang's blog Shares more than 40 articles including ZK,ajax, his blog(Chinese)
User.jpg Razvan’s Weblog A software engineer and entrepreneur from Michigan . Shares more than 40 articles including ZK,AJAX, his blog.
Blackboardbw.png ZK at Java 2006 Conference ZK at Japan OSC

ZK at Mobile Monday

Presentation files at international conferences.
Sven hafner.jpg The Javadude Weblog Development with a strong focus on Java and JEE5, but also touching on .NET, Silverlight, FLEX and others. From basic tips, code snippets, tools to experiences with anything related to Java, JEE, DB.
User.jpg *A podcast regarding ZK done by Mario Serrano Leones
User.jpg *An article regarding about using AspecJ security with ZK Framework
Romen law.jpg Romen's Techno-Babble *Produced numerous blog articles on ZK such as this one
Flyingspaniel.jpg The Flying Spaniel Software Design Blog *A few articles on ZK such as Using ZK with OODBs such as db4o
Sachinmahajan.jpg Rich Internet applications using ZK *Completed an article on Building rich internet applications using ZK Rich Internet applications using ZK