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About ZK Wiki Documentation

The ZK Wiki Documentation, or ZK Documentation, is a collaborative area designed to leverage the power of the community to maintain complete and up-to-date ZK reference material. We encourage you to share your developing experiences by adding and changing content.

Specifically, we would be ecstatic receiving the following contributions:

  1. Updates for out-dated or missing descriptions, concepts, code, images and so on
  2. Good examples
  3. Proofreading

Admin of ZK Wiki Documentation


  • Making ZK Documentations more complete
  • Organize rules about wiki
  • Monitor community activities
  • Encourage more participation from the Community


Please leave a message if you need any help or have any trouble using ZK Wiki.

Note: If you're interested in becoming an editor of ZK wiki, please leave a message to this address.



Can't Understand

  • If any part of document is hard to understand, you can add the Template:Help_Udst to it and community will enhance the language.
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QuestionmarkButton-32x32.png This is not clear.

Content Request

  • If any part of document is lost or not created, you can add the Template:Help Request template to it, the community will then take it into consideration while editing.
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{{Template:Help Request}}

InfoButton-32x32.png ZK Folks ! Help me !


How to Contribute

Anyone with an approved ZK Wiki account can contribute to the ZK Wiki Documentation. Please follow the contribution flow below.

Contributing Flow

  1. Read through this page before you start
  2. Create a ZK Wiki account by clicking create account in the top-right corner
  3. You will receive an activation mail in a few minutes after sign-up. Follow the instructions in the mail to activate your ZK Wiki account.
  4. Once your account is activated, you can login with your Wiki ID and edit the ZK Wiki Documentation

Please note: A ZK Wiki account differs from a ZK account, to edit ZK Wiki Documentation you will need a ZK Wiki account.

Rules and Obligations

  • ZK Wiki Documentation is open to the public. By contributing a Small Talk, you agree that the Small Talk is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. By contributing other work to the ZK Wiki Documentation, you agree to surrender the copyright of your work in ZK Wiki Documentation to Potix.
  • Do not submit copyrighted work without permission
  • You participate at your own risk. You take responsibility for your own postings and use the information provided on this site at your own risk.
  • Obscene, racist, homophobic, sexist, or sexually explicit languages are not allowed. Potix reserves the right to remove postings that defame or insult anyone, as well as posts that are abusive or hateful.
  • Your contribution should be in English, or any language approved by Potix. Potix reserves the right to remove content that is off-topic or not in English.
  • No solicitations or advertisements are permitted
  • Put source code in

Editing Wiki

Official Help

ZK Documentation


Old Version
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{{Old Version|url=|}}

Stop.png This documentation is for an older version of ZK. For the latest documentation please click here.

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Stop.png This article is out of date, please refer to for more up to date information.


Icon info.png Note: This content of this page is deprecated regarding for the latest version.

{{Notice|text=description about the notice}}

Icon info.png Notice: description about the notice

Draft Mark

Paragraph Under Construction
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Under Construction-100x100.png This paragraph is under construction.

Page Under Construction
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WarningTriangle-32x32.png This page is under construction, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content!


Some resources which are not used within the smalltalks but are available for use, they are placed here to avoid wiki tagging them as unused file.