A Sip of WYSIWYG Development with ZK Studio

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A Sip of WYSIWYG Development with ZK Studio

Henri Chen, Principal Engineer, Potix Corporation
* Future release of ZK Studio(not done yet)


Here in this article, I'll introduce you some early features of ZK Visual Editor view(a.k.a VE View). The future release version's look & feel might be different and have more features.

Live Demo

Here we play a scenario of using VE to show all these features.


1. Zul Editor Selection Detection
While mouse select different element of ZK component, the VE's focus frame will change.
2. Outline View Selection Detection
While selected component in Editor view is changed, the VE's focus frame will also change.
3. Document Changed Detection
While user editing the zul document, VE will response current visual result immediately.


According to recent posts of forum and our customer's feed back, ZK Studio develop team started thinking on WYSIWYG Editor since 0.8.2 released. After two weeks working, we have already finished our POC(proof of concept) stage, and will be more focused on implementing this important new feature.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to post it to our forum ZK Studio Forum.

And if you are not using ZK Studio yet, please follow these two links below:

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