New Features of ZK Spreadsheet 2.1

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New Features of ZK Spreadsheet 2.1

The ZK Team
May 31, 2011
ZK Spreadsheet 2.1

ZK Spreadsheet is an Ajax component that delivers functionalities found in Microsoft Excel to your browsers. ZK Spreadsheet 2.1 bring with it a host of new features including auto filter functionality, vertical merging, support for copying and pasting to Excel and exporting to HTML.

AutoFilter functionality

In both the ZK Spreadsheet app and ZK Spreadsheet is is now possible to AutoFilter a range of values from a particular column. Filters can be applied, re-applied and cleared. The UI clearly displays when a filter is cleared, applied or cleared. For example:

Auto filter off

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet FilterData Clear AutoFilter.png


ZKSsEss Spreadsheet FilterData Reapply.png


ZKSsEss Spreadsheet FilterData ClearFilter.png

For more information please refer to the ZK Spreadsheet Essentials.

Support copy and pasting to Excel

ZK Spreadsheet 2.1 introduces the ability to copy and paste values to and from ZK Spreadsheet to Excel. This provides users with a much better experience and level of co-operations between ZK Spreadsheet, its application and Microsoft Excel.

Export to HTML

Having implemented exporting to Excel and PDF in previous versions, ZK Spreadsheet now enables exporting to HTML.

Zss export html.png

For more information please take a look at the ZK Spreadsheet Essentials.

Vertical merge

ZK Spreadsheet 2.1 now introduces the ability to merge cells vertically as well as horizontally. For example:

public void onClick$mergeCells() {

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet MergeCell Merge.png

For more information please take a look at ZK Spreadsheet Essentials.


The AutoFill feature has been extended to now function with linear increasing, dates and numbers. Let's take a look at some examples:

Auto linear increase

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Linear1.png

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Linear3.png

month/week auto increase

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Month1.png

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Month3.png

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Week1.png

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Week3.png

Date auto increase

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Date1.png

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Date3.png

Number increments

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Number1.png

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragFill AutoFill Number3.png

For more information please refer to the ZK Spreadsheet Essentials.

Support vertical alignment

The vertical alignment of text can be set to top, middle or bottom using a new API introduced in ZK Spreadsheet 2.1. The code to do so is as follows:

CellStyle newStyle = cloneStyle(cell.getCellStyle(), book);

Zss vertical alignment.png

For more information please refer to the ZK Spreadsheet Essentials.

Protecting cell ranges

Cells can now be locked to prevent editing. The following example demonstrates how to lock a cell.

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet Protected LockedCell.png

CellStyle newCellStyle = cloneStyle(cellStyle, sheet.getBook());

For more information please see the ZK Spreadsheet Essentials.


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