ZK Spreadsheet 3.0.0 RC:Upgrade Notes

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ZK Spreadsheet 3.0.0 RC:Upgrade Notes

Hawk Chen
August 22, 2013
ZK Spreadsheet 3.0.0 RC


In ZK Spreadsheet version 3.0.0 RC, we have made some significant changes that users should notice. Due to major APIs change, most codes written for customization or accessing data model need to be re-written for this version.

API Change

Classed under org.zkoss.zss.model are removed

Classes inside org.zkoss.zss.model are removed. Please use the new classes and API under org.zkoss.zss.api and org.zkoss.zss.api.model.

Spreadsheet Component API change

  1. To get/set Book/Sheet, use the new classes of Book/Sheet that are under org.zkoss.zss.api.model.
  2. Those methods of Spreadsheet about freezing rows/columns are deprecated. Please use Sheet.getColumnFreeze() and Sheet.getRowFreeze() and Range.setFreezePanel().

Rect and Position under org.zkoss.zss.ui are deprecated

Rect and Position under org.zkoss.zss.ui are deprecated, so please use CellRef and AreaRef instead (under org.zkoss.zss.api) .

Action and ActionHandler are removed

org.zkoss.zss.ui.Action, org.zkoss.zss.ui.sys.ActionHandler are removed. To override a default action, please use org.zkoss.zss.ui.AuxAction, org.zkoss.zss.ui.UserActionManager instead.

Arguments of CellSelectionEvent's constructor are changed

Arguments of org.zkoss.zss.ui.event.CellSelectionEvent's constructor are changed from left,top,right,bottom to topRow,leftCol,bottomRow,rightColumn.

Some event classes under package org.zkoss.zss.ui.event are renamed

3.0.0 RC
SelectionChangeEvent CellSelectionUpdateEvent
HeaderEvent HeaderUpdateEvent
FilterMouseEvent CellFilterEvent
HyperlinkEvent CellHyperlinkEvent

SheetCreateEvent, SheetSelectedEvent and SheetUpdateEvent are removed

SheetCreateEvent, SheetSelectedEvent and SheetUpdateEvent are removed. Please use SheetEvent instead.

Spreadsheet JSF component package name changed

ZK Spreadsheet JSF component's main package is renamed to org.zkoss.zss.jsf, and JSF component class is renamed to org.zkoss.zss.jsf.ui.JSFSpreadsheet

Spreadsheet JSP package name changed

ZK Spreadsheet JSP main package is renamed to org.zkoss.zss.jsp.

Some Event Names are Changed

3.0.0 RC
onValidateDrop onCellValidator
onFilter onCellFilter
onHeaderSize onHeaderUpdate
onSelectionChange onCellSelectionChange
onCellFocused onCellFocus
onSheetNameChange onAfterSheetNameChange
onSheetOrderChange onAfterSheetOrderChange
onSheetDelete onAfterSheetDelete
onSheetCreate onAfterSheetCreate
onCellChange onAfterCellChange


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