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Features of ZK Studio

You can create a new ZK Project by clicking [File]/[New]/[Others] and selecting ZK > ZK Project, then choose your ZK Package and sit back while ZK Studio does the rest for you.

  1. Click [File]/[New]/[Other...]/[ZK Project] in Eclipse main menu.
    Zk studio 094 create proj 0.png
  2. Type the project name. Eclipse will automatically include the default ZK package configured in the ZK Package preferences, however, you can select any other installed ZK package by selecting it from the combo box. Then, click Next.
    Zk studio 094 create proj 1.png
  3. You can modify the Source folders and Default output folder if you like. Then, click Next.
    Zk studio 094 create proj 4 1.png
  4. You can modify Context root or Content directory if you like. Then, Click Finish.
    Zk studio 094 create proj 4.png
  5. After clicking Finish, the New Project Wizard will setup the ZK Project ready for development.

Last Update : 2012/10/17

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