First Mimic Test Case

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First Mimic Test Case

Simple Application Under Test

We are going to introduce some basic concepts of ZATS Mimic using a simple application. This application only has one label and a button with no other content at first. It has only one function: when a user clicks the button, the label shows "Hello Mimic" as shown in the image below.


ZUL of our simple application

	<window title="hello" border="normal" width="300px" apply="org.zkoss.zats.example.hello.HelloComposer">
		<label />
		<button label="Hello" />

Composer of our simple application

public class HelloComposer extends SelectorComposer {
	Label label;
	@Listen("onClick = button")
	public void hello(){
		label.setValue("Hello Mimic");

Write a Test Case

Steps to write a test case are as follows:

  1. Setup web application content path
  2. Create a client to connect to a ZUL
  3. Query a component
  4. Perform an operation on a component
  5. Verify result by checking a component’s property
  6. Tear down, stop server emulator

Fundamental Classes

Before diving into the source code of a test case, let me introduce some basic classes used in a test case.

It contains several utility methods to initialize and clean testing environment. By default, it starts server emulator with built-in web.xml and zk.xml bundled in ZATS Mimic's jar.
Acts like a browser to the server emulator and we use it to connect to a ZUL. One client keeps its session even connecting to different ZUL pages. If you want to create different sessions, you have to create another client object.
Wraps ZK Desktop object, we usually call its query() or queryAll() to retrieve ComponentAgent with selector syntax.
For available selector syntax, please refer to SelectorComposer or Small Talks/2011/January/Envisage ZK 6: An Annotation Based Composer For MVC
Mimics a ZK component and determines which operation you can perform on it. We can also get ZK component property's value from it.
It also has query() which means to find targets among its child components.
OperationAgent (ClickAgent, TypeAgent, SelectAgent...)
To mimic a user operation to a ZK component.
We name it "Agent" as it's not really the user operation itself, it's an agent to mimic user operation to a component.

First Mimic Test Case

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