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[Required] Class: ZestFilter

ZEST filter is used to intercept every request sent to a server. It must be configured for any Web application that would like to use ZEST.

The Initial Parameters

manager-class [Optional][Default: ZestManager]

It specifies the class of ZEST manager to use. Since ZestFilter depends on ZEST manager to finish all the jobs, replacing ZEST manager with a custom implementation could generally replace all the default behaviors you want.

The specified class must extend from ZestManager.

parser-class [Optional][Default: ParserImpl]

It specifies the class used to parse WEB-INF/zest.xml.

The specified class must implement Parser, though it is generally easier to extend from ParserImpl.

Map URL to ZEST Filter

Technically, you could map ZEST filter to any URL you'd like, but it is generally recommended to map it to /*. For example,


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