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<xel-method prefix="..." name="..." class="..." signature="..."/>

It specifies an EL function that could be used in EL expressions. For example,

 <xel-method prefix="c" name="forName"
     signature="java.lang.Class forName(java.lang.String)"/>
 <action class="${c:forName('foo.MyAction')}">

Notice that the class attribute of an action definition could be a string, so the above statement is equivalent to the following:

<action class="foo.MyAction">


The prefix Attribute


Specifies the prefix used to identify this method.

The name Attribute


Specifies the name used to identify this method. The full name is "prefix:name".

The class Attribute


Specifies the class that the method is defined in.



The signature of the method. Note: the method must be public static. In additions, Java 5 Generics are not allowed.

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