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Syntax: <message-loader-class></message-loader-class>

Specifies an additional message loader class to load extra messages or customize default msgzk or msgzul entries. If the message loader declare a file pattern using wildcard "*", multiple Locale-based files can be defined and will be loaded according to the current user locale.

If the syntax "~./" is used, the resources can be loaded from the resources classpath (default in /src/main/resources/web/). Note: only a directory localed in the actual classpath can be used for this purposes for localized files.


  • Lang-addon.xml
public class MyCustomMessageLoader implements MessageLoader {

	public void load(StringBuffer out, Execution exec) throws IOException {
		out.append(Devices.loadJavaScript(exec, "~./mycustom-msgzk*.js"));

  • [/src/main/resources/web]/mycustom-msgzk.js
  • [/src/main/resources/web]/mycustom-msgzk_de.js



The message loader class. It must implement org.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.MessageLoader The loader .load(StringBuffer out, Execution exec) need to load the additional client-side messages and append them to the output buffer.

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