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Adds the ability for single level grouping to the Grid. Default getSclass(): the same as grid's sclass.


ZKComRef Group Example.png

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     Grid support Groupfoot in Group

     <grid id="grid" width="500px">
         <columns id="h" sizable="true">
             <column id="col1" label="Type"/>
             <column id="col2" label="Content"/>
         <rows id="rows">
             <group id="gp1">
             <label value="Group1: (gp1)"/>
             <label value="Group1:"/>
                 <label value="File:"/>
                 <label value="File:"/>
             <row id="row1">
                 <label value="Type:"/>
                     <listbox rows="1" mold="select">
                         <listitem label="Java Files,(*.java)"/>
                         <listitem label="All Files,(*.*)"/>
                     <button label="Browse..."/>
                 <label value="2 Java Files"/>
                 <label value="10 Files"/>
             <group id="gp2" label="Group 2 (gp2)" onOpen='alert("Group is open: ";'/>
                 <label value="Options:"/>
                 <label value="Options:"/>
                 <label value="2 Options"/>
                 <label value="10 Options"/>

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