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Since 9.0.0


A rangeslider component represents a slider with a start and an end value. A rangeslider accepts a range of value starting from 0 to a certain maximum value. The default maximum value of rangeslider is 100. You can change the maximum allowed value by setting the max property. Notice that the value of max property is always larger than the value of min property.


ZKComRef Rangeslider.png

  <rangeslider startValue="10" endValue="90"/>

  <rangeslider orient="vertical" startValue="20" endValue="80" markScale="20" />



Default: false

If the rangeslider is disabled, then users can not drag the slider buttons.


Default: horizontal

Sets it either "horizontal" or "vertical" to display rangslider.


Default: null

Sets the marks information map for displaying value marks. In this map, the key represents the number value of slider, and the value represents the displayed scale text.


Default: 20

Sets the marks information for displaying value marks.

By default, the value marks will be displayed every 20 starting from the minimum value. (if min is 0, then it displays "0 20 40 ...")

If the MarkScale is 0 and there is no Map information in Marks (see above), the marks will be empty.

ZKComRef RangesliderNoMarks.png


Default: 100

Rangeslider supports maximal position, which can be changed by the max property.


Default: 0

Rangeslider supports minimal position, which can be changed by the min property.

StartValue, EndValue

Default: 0

Represent the range value of Rangeslider.


Default: 1

By default, the rangeslider will scroll to the position continuously when a user drags it. If you prefer to scroll a discrete fixed amount at each step, you can set the amount of value using the step property.


Default: false

The tooltip displays the value of a slider button in the rangeslider. If the tooltipvisible is true, the tooltips of the slider buttons will always be visible.

Supported Events

Event Type
Event: RangeValueChangeEvent

Denotes the range value of a component has been changed by the user.

Supported Children


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