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An audio component is used to generate a barcode at the browser, and decode the barcode on the server side. There are many properties to dealing with the barcode component. First, you could use the type property to specify the type of barcode, for example: qrcode, code128, code 128A...., after choose the type you want, you could generate the barcode of the code. And every barcode image could response to a certain value, the property value is for barcode image which wants to stand for.


 <barcode type="qr" value="" height="100px"/>


 <barcode type="code128" value="" height="100px"/>


The barcaode supports controls property Since  8.5.2

Multiple Sources

Since 7.0.0 Most browsers do not support all the audio formats,so we could specify multiple source files in different formats for different browsers. For examples:

 <audio src="music.wav, music.mp3, music.ogg" controls="true"></audio>

Supported Events

Event Type
None None

Supported Children


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Last Update : 2022/07/08

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