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Default: none
[since 5.0.6]

It specifies the class name of the application-specific SEO renderer. A SEO renderer is used to generate application-specific SEO content that will be indexed by the search engine, but not visible to the end users.

Notice that the class must implement SEORenderer. SEORenderer.render(Page, Writer) will be invoked each time the main page of a desktop has been rendered and sent to the client[1].

For example, assume you have an implementation called foo.MySEORenderer, then

<!-- in WEB-INF/zk.xml -->

You could generate anything that you'd like the search engine to index in SEORenderer.render(Page, Writer):

package foo;
import org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys.SEORenderer;
import org.zkoss.zk.ui.Page;
public class MySEORenderer implements SEORenderer {
    public void render(Page page, out)
    throws {
        out.write("<a href=\"whatever\">whatever</a>");

Notice that, if specified, this class will be instantiated and invoked even if the crawlable option is not enabled.

  1. It also means it won't be called in AU requests.

Version History

Last Update : 2011/4/20

Version Date Content
5.0.6 Feburary, 2011 Introduced

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