The preference Element

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The preference Element


    <name>any name</name>
    <value>any value</value>

Specify a preference with the preference element depicted above. The name and value are application specific and you can specify whatever value you like. Mupltie To avoid name conflict, it is suggested to prefix the name with your domain name, such as com.friend.some.another.

The preferences are application-level. They are shared by a single ZK application (WebApp).

They can then be retrieved back by calling the getPreference method of the Configuration class. Notice that each Web application has one configuration, which can be found by the use of getConfiguration method of the WebApp interface.

 String value = webApp.getConfiguration().getPreference("", null);
 if (value != null) {

For a complete list of supported preferences, please refer to the Preferences section.

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