Retrieve Annotations

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Retrieve Annotations

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The annotations can be retrieved back at the run-time. They are usually retrieved by tools, such as the data-binding manager, rather than applications. In other words, applications annotate a ZUML page to tell the tools how to handle components for a particular purpose.

The following is an example to dump all annotations of a component:

 void dump(StringBuffer sb, Component comp) {
    ComponentCtrl compCtrl = (ComponentCtrl)comp;
     sb.append(comp.getId()).append(": ")
       .append(compCtrl .getAnnotations()).append('\n');

     for (Iterator it = compCtrl.getAnnotatedProperties().iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
         String prop =;
         sb.append(" with ").append(prop).append(": ")
             .append(compCtrl .getAnnotations(prop)).append('\n');

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