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Event Name
onCreate all Event: CreateEvent

Denotes a component is created when rendering a ZUML page. Refer to the Component Lifecycle chapter.

onClose window

tab fileupload

Event: Event

Denotes the close button is pressed by a user, and the component shall detach itself.

onDrop all Event: DropEvent

Denotes another component is dropped to the component that receives this event. Refer to the Drag and Drop section.

onCheck checkbox

radio radiogroup

Event: CheckEvent

Denotes the state of a component has been changed by the user.

Note: onCheck is sent to both radio and radiogroup.

onMove window Event: MoveEvent

Denotes a component has been moved by the user.

onSize window Event: SizeEvent

Denotes a component has been resized by the user.

onZIndex window Event: ZIndexEvent

Denotes the z-index of a component has been changed by the user.

onTimer timer Event: Event

Denotes the timer you specified has triggered an event. To know which timer, invoke the getTarget method in the Event class.

onNotify any Event: Event

Denotes a application-dependent event. Its meaning depends on applications. Currently, no component will send this event.

onClientInfo root Event: ClientInfoEvent

Notifies a root component about the client's information, such as time zone and resolutions.

onPiggyback root Event: Event

Notifies a root component that the client has sent a request to the server. It is usually used to piggyback non-emergent UI updates to the client.

onBookmarkChange root Event: BookmarkEvent

Notifies that the user pressed BACK, FORWARD or others that causes the bookmark changed.

onColSize columns listhead treecols Event: ColSizeEvent

Notifies the parent of a group of headers that the widths of its children are changed by the user.

onPaging grid

listbox paging

Event: PagingEvent

Notifies one of the pages of a multi-page component is selected by the user.

onUpload fileupload Event: UploadEvent

Notifies that file(s) is uploaded, and the application can retrieve the uploaded files(s) by use of the getMedia or getMedias methods.

onFulfill all Event: FulfillEvent

Notifies that the fulfill condition has been applied to the target component. It is posted after all descendant components have been created.

Echo Event

Echo event allows you to provide more richer message before doing long operation.

<window id="w" width="200px" title="Test echoEvent" border="normal">
  <attribute name="onLater">
  Clients.showBusy(null, false);
  new Label("Done.").setParent(w);

  <button label="Echo Event">
  <attribute name="onClick">
  Clients.showBusy("Execute... (about 5 sec.)", true);
  Events.echoEvent("onLater", w, null);

For more information, please refer to this small talk.

The Event Flow of radio and radiogroup

For developer's convenience, the onCheck event is sent to raido first and then to radiogroup[1]. Thus, you could add listener either to the radio group or to each radio button.

<radiogroup onCheck="fruit.value = self.selectedItem.label">
	<radio label="Apple"/>
	<radio label="Orange"/>

You have selected : <label id="fruit"/>

The above sample has the same effect as follows.

	<radio label="Apple" onCheck="fruit.value = self.label"/>
	<radio label="Orange" onCheck="fruit.value = self.label"/>

You have selected : <label id="fruit"/>

  1. The internal implementation is done by adding a listener when a radio is added to a radiogroup.

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