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Since 8.0.2

We collect all style-related files into ZK theme template project at Github, making it much easier to create a custom theme. The main idea here is to have a ZK template theme as the base theme, which then allows ZK app developers to fork the repository and commit your changes in your repository to create your new custom theme.


The general steps are:

  1. Fork the zkThemeTemplate repository
  2. initialize the theme project
  3. modify LESS files and preview
  4. build a jar
  5. apply to your project

For detailed steps, please see README in zkThemeTemplate


This approach has some benefits that previous approaches don't have.

Easy to Maintain

Committing your change into a git repository makes your change easy to track in the future. Therefore, your team can know what's difference between your custom theme and ZK standard theme. It's easy to identify an issue.

Easy to Upgrade

If you isolate your custom change into separate files, you can easily merge changes with git from the original repository when there are fixes committed to the original theme template. Moreover, it's can be done automatically. You don't need to manually compare changed files and apply the changes by yourselves. This reduces human errors.

Last Update : 2022/03/14

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