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Here we discuss how to use HTML tags directly in a ZUML document. There are several ways as described in the following sections, and you could choose one based on your requirement.

What to consider <html> component native namespace XHTML components JSP
Update Content Dynamically Yes No[1] Yes No[2]
Mix with ZUL components No Yes Yes Yes/No[3]
Memory Footprint Small Small Large Small
Support EL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Data Binding Yes No Yes No

In addition, you could use iframe to embed a complete HTML document which might be from a different website with different technology. Or, use include to include a HTML fragment.

  1. We cannot update content dynamically at the server. However, we could modify the DOM tree directly at client. Please refer to the Client-side UI Composing section.
  2. Technically you could modify the browser's DOM tree dynamically at the client.
  3. You could mix HTML tags with ZK components, if ZK JSP Tags is used. Otherwise, you could only have a JSP page to include other ZUL pages, or vice versa.

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