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Oracle OC4J and Oracle OPMN Release 3

OC4J 10.1.3 (release 3) is the first production version of Oracle Containers to support J2EE 1.4 specification (Servlet 2.4).

  1. Download OC4J 10.1.3 or later from and install it.
  2. You must setup OC4J to run with the -userThreads parameter at the command line (oc4j.cmd, on OPMN this is done inside the opmn.xml )
  3. Unzip or later version
  4. Copy dist/lib/*.jar and dist/lib/ext/*.jar to the $OC4J_HOME/j2ee/home/applib
  5. Start OC4J server and enter a new oc4jadmin's password if prompted or restart the server if it is already up
  6. Open "Enterprise Manager" application - just browse to http://localhost:8888/em/
  7. Login as oc4jadmin and go to Applications --> Deploy page
  8. Deploy zkdemo.war (follow the on-screen instructions)
  9. Browse to http://localhost:8888/zkdemo/userguide
    • Substitute "/zkdemo" with the context uri you entered in EM during deployment
    • Start OC4J Server:
bin/oc4j -start

10.1.2 and earlier

Prior versions, supports only J2EE 1.3 (with Servlet 2.3), WEB-INF/web.xml shall be replaced with Sample of web.xml for Servlet 2.3.

Notice that ZK supports Servlet 2.3 but the web.xml configuration file is a bit different. Also notice that ZK 6 and later no longer support Java 1.4.

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