The ZK Spreadsheet Component

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The ZK Spreadsheet Component

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A brief overview on how to work with the ZK Spreadsheet component.


ZK Spreadsheet is a single ZK component. Developers could declare it within any ZK container components, such as Window, tabs, groupbox, etc.

For example:

<window title="Bare ZK Spreadsheet" border="normal" height="500px">
<spreadsheet src="/demo_sample.xls"	

Note: View the complete source of ZUML here

Developers customize the spreadsheet component by declaring its attributes, for example:

  • the source file of the spreadsheet, for example src="/demo_sample.xls"
  • the maximum number of rows of this spread sheet, for example maxrows="200"
  • the maximum number of columns of this spread sheet, for example maxcolumns="40"
  • the size of the spreadsheet component, for example: width="500px" height="300px"

which renders:

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