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One of Spreadsheet's powerful feature is to export its book model as an Excel file then we can open the file with Microsoft Excel. Besides, exporting to a file is also the only way to persist a book model completely and then import it in the future. The following codes demonstrate how to export a book model to a temporary file with Exporter and make users download it in a browser:

public class ExportComposer extends SelectorComposer<Component> {
	private Spreadsheet ss;
	@Listen("onClick = #exportExcel")
	public void doExport() throws IOException{
		Exporter exporter = Exporters.getExporter();
		Book book = ss.getBook();
		File file = File.createTempFile(Long.toString(System.currentTimeMillis()),"temp");
		FileOutputStream fos = null;
		try {
			fos = new FileOutputStream(file);
			exporter.export(book, fos);
		//generate file name upon book type (2007,2003)
		String dlname = BookUtil.suggestName(book);
		Filedownload.save(new AMedia(dlname, null, null, file, true));
  • Line 8: Get a default Exporter which exports as xlsx format.
  • Line 14: Currently, we only support exporting whole book.

You can get different Exporter by its type:

Exporters.getExporter();       //get default exporter, xlsx
Exporters.getExporter("xlsx"); //get xlsx exporter
Exporters.getExporter("xls");  //get xls exporter

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Last Update : 2022/01/19

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