Working with ZK Spreadsheet

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Working with ZK Spreadsheet

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Just like other ZK components, you can control and configure ZK Spreadsheet via component APIs. And you can register event listeners to act on specific spreadsheet component events. Besides that, a very important utility class, Range, can be used to change the back end spreadsheet data model and update the UI automatically and independently.

Not just a stand along spreadsheet, you can integrate ZK Spreadsheet easily with your back-end server databases and resources. You can bind cells to the back-end Java beans, so any changes on the back-end data would be automatically reflected on the ZK Spreadsheet. You can create your own customized spreadsheet functions in Java and use them in the spreadsheet formulas.

In the following sections, we will show you how to use such APIs, how to register suitable event listeners, and how to control the ZK Spreadsheet component.


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