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ZK Spreadsheet supports drag edit, to move cell's value.

Drag Edit

Drag edit range is based on Range.move(integer, Integer).

1. Select a range
ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragEdit Select.png

2. Mouse over the border, mouse cursor will change to cross, drag the selection to new position
ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragEdit Move.png

3. Release the mouse to perform drag edit
ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragEdit DragEdit.png


<div height="100%" width="100%" apply="org.zkoss.zssessentials.config.MoveRangeComposer">
	<div height="3px"></div>
	Row: <intbox id="moveRows" value="0"/>, Col: <intbox id="moveCols" value="0"/> 
	<button id="moveBtn" label="Move Current Selection" mold="trendy"></button>
	<spreadsheet id="spreadsheet"  src="/WEB-INF/excel/config/demo_sample.xls"	


Current Range

We can get the user's selection range from the onCellSelection event.

Spreadsheet spreadsheet;
Range currentRange;
public void onCellSelection$spreadsheet(CellSelectionEvent event) {
	currentRange = Ranges.range(event.getSheet(), event.getTop(), event.getLeft(),
			event.getBottom(), event.getRight());

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragEdit MoveRange.png

Move Range

Intbox moveRows;
Intbox moveCols;
Button moveBtn;
public void onClick$moveBtn() {
	Integer row = moveRows.getValue();
	Integer col = moveCols.getValue();
	if (currentRange != null && row != null && col != null) {
		currentRange.move(row, col);
		currentRange = null;

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet DragEdit Result.png

View the complete source of ZUML moveRange.zul

View the complete source of composer

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