Listen to Cell Changes and Action

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Listen to Cell Changes and Action

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Users can write cell change event listeners for those cases when cells' values or styles are changed.


Implement cell change event listeners for cell contents changes.

Cell Change Event

There are one cell change event. onCellChange - This event is fired when user change the contents or styles of a selection directly or indirectly. Event listeners are provided with CellSelectionEvent in the event listener.

Registering Cell Events

Cell change event can be registered to ZK Spreadsheet either by calling AbstractComponent.addEventListener(String, EventListener) or by using ZK MVC way i.e. using naming convention of <event-name>$<component-id>. Here is an example shown using first way

	new EventListener() {
		public void onEvent(Event event) throws Exception {
			doCellChangeEvent((CellSelectionEvent) event);

Note: All ZK Spreadsheet supported events have a corresponding static constants declared in org.zkoss.zss.ui.event.Events class. For example for onCellChange event there is org.zkoss.zss.ui.event.Events.ON_CELL_CHANGE.

Here is an example shown using second way

public void onCellChange$ss(CellSelectionEvent event) {

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