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You do not need to know how ZK uses ZK Spreadsheet. ZK Spreadsheet encapsulates ZK core features such as event handling and Ajax auto updates. However, it is helpful to have basic knowledge of ZK framework.

Before start using ZK Spreadsheet please download and install the following applications:

  • Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
JDK is a software development for writing applications in Java.
  • Note : we suggest you install this first even some web server might already contain one
  • Web Server
A Web server is used to host the Web application you developed.
  • ZK Framework
ZK is an Ajax framework that makes the development of Web applications simple. It has rich set of UI components that helps provide rich user experience. With its direct programming approach and server+client fusion architecture ZK makes developing Web applications as straightforward and intuitive as programming desktop applications. Please refer to ZK Installation Guide and ZK Essentials for more details on ZK Framework.

Install Java SE Development Kit

ZK supports JDK[1] 1.4[2], 5, and 6. You could visit the Java website to download and install the version you want.


Installation Instructions:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Java SE Development Kit
  2. ZK 6 and later support Java 5 and later, while ZK 5 supports Java 1.4 and later.

Install Tomcat

First, you have to prepare a Web server. You can use any Web server that supports Java Servlet (2.3 or later). Here we introduce the installation of Tomcat. For other servers and more information, please refer to Setting up Servers.

  1. Visit Tomcat Official Site
  2. Select the correct binary distribution for your environment and download

Install ZK Libraries

Download ZK libraries from ZK Download and save them in a folder of your choice on your computer. More details on this in the next chapter.

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