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Optional. If it is not specified, onClick is assumed


Optional. If it's not specified, the space owner is assumed. If the space owner is not a component (a Page), the target is root component.


Optional. You could specify any application-specific data in the forward condition by surrounding it with the parenthesis as shown below.

 <button forward="onCancel(abort)"/><!-- "abort" is passed -->
 <button forward="onPrint(${inf})"/><!-- the object returned by ${inf} is passed -->

Then, the application-specific data can be retrieved by the use of ForwardEvent.getData().

Multiple forwarding

If you want to forward several events, you can specify all these conditions in the forward attribute by separating them with the comma (,):

 <textbox forward="onChanging=onUpdating, onChange=some.onUpdate"/>


It is used to forward an event, that is targeting a specific component, to another component in another event name. It is called the forward condition.

The event listener receives a ForwardEvent object. You can invoke ForwardEvent.getOrigin() to retrieve the original event.

The target component and the event data can be specified in EL expressions, while the event names cannot.

The target component can also be specified using component Path within ZUML page. This is especially useful if target component is in different IdSpace

   <button forward="//mainPage/mainWindow.onSave" /> <!-- default forward event is onClick -->

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