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In general, a XML text is interpreted as a label component. For example,

  Begin ${foo.whatever}

is equivalent to

  <label value="Begin ${foo.whatever}"/>

Components consider the nested content as proerty

However, a component can be designed to accept the nested text as the value of a component property. In other words, a component designer could decide to make ZK Loader interpret the nest text as the value of a predefined property. For example, Html is one of this kind of components, and

<html>Begin ${foo.whatever}</html>

is equivalent to

<html content="Begin ${foo.whatever}"/>

It is designed to make it easy to specify multiple-line value, so it is usually used by particular components that requires the multi-line value.

Here is a list of components that interprets the XML text as a property's value.

Component Name Property Name Method
a label A.setLabel(String)
button label Button.setLabel(String)
comboitem content Comboitem.setContent(String)
html content Html.setContent(String)
label value Label.setValue(String)
script content Script.setContent(String)
style content Style.setContent(String)
tab label Tab.setLabel(String) (since 5.0.7)

Note: Since 6.5.0, please use Tab.setLabel(String) instead

The nested XML content

[since 6.0.0]

Since ZK 6, components that consider the text as a property's value will accept the XML fragment. For example,

  <ol style="border: 1px solid blue">

In other words, you don't have to escape the special characters (< and >) with CDATA. In addition, you could leverage the full power of ZUML such as the zk element and the forEach attribute. For example,

    <li forEach="Apple, Orange">${each}</li>

Note that the nested content is part of the ZUML page, so it must be a legal XML document.

Version History

Last Update : 2012/08/21

Version Date Content
5.0.7 April 2011 Tab allow the XML text as the label.
6.0.0 September 2011 The nested XML content was supported.
6.5.0 September 2012 The Tab component support caption component as it's label

Last Update : 2012/08/21

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